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Frank, Lucille, and Dorothy Schultz, in 1949.

Frank, Lucille, and Dorothy Schultz, in 1949.

This was scanned in 2017 from a small, faded print in the possession of Lucy. On the obverse was written only "1949". The house in the background is the house in which all three children grew up, 3217 Louisiana Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. Lucy is wearing a cap and gown because on the day this photo was taken, she graduated from kindergarten, at St. Barbara's parish school, in Cleveland.

The porch lamp at the top left was made into a table lamp, and it now (2017) sits on the dresser in Lucille's bedroom on Crestview Avenue, in Cincinnati.

Lucy remembers that the Christmas tree was always behind the bay window.


From Frank's Pictures for a Salute